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Developing a Member-Centric Organisation

How we help not-for-profit organisations become "member-centric"


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Developing a Member-Centric Organisation

Membership organisations are currently facing the multiple challenges of maintaining membership numbers in challenging economic times, with increasing competitition from other organisations fighting for the same members, who themselves are reviewing the value they obtain for their subscription fees (and looking to cancel those they feel are least value).

To address these challenges, it is essential for membership organisations to:

  • Understand their members needs
  • Develop and align services/benefits to address these needs
  • Communicate these benefits effectively to their members

It sounds simple. However, it is sometimes difficult to balance achieving all three whilst also delivering other important roles such as sector regulation and representation.

For example, some organisations have a great understanding of their membership, and are continually lobbying Government, but struggle to communicate the benefits of this to their membership as it is, by nature, a slow process. As a result, such organisations can lose engagement with their members.

We support our clients in regaining their membership focus and becoming "member-centric" organisations, able to withstand the current economic and competitive challenges and focused on the delivery of excellent service to the membership.

The communication channels by which anyone representing your organisation interacts with your membership has a direct influence on members' perceptions of the value they receive for their subscriptions. It is therefore essential that all of your staff are motivated to deliver the level of service expected and understand their role in supporting the overall strategy for your organisation.

We help you ensure that that your team maintains a focus on delivering excellent customer service to your members which in turn will help you to improve retention and reduce attrition. We help you achieve this through:

  • Clarifying your membership proposition
  • Identifying the standards you expect from all of your team to deliver this
  • Identifying potential gaps in skills, knowledge or behaviour within your team
  • Identifying where existing processes and systems can be developed
  • Providing mentoring and support to fill the gaps identified and make any necessary changes

We have the experience and expertise to help you make the most of your team's resources and skills to deliver membership excellence.

Contact us to find out more.

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