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Jacqueline Allman - Director

Jacqueline Allman


Jacqueline originally trained as an engineer and formed AHC in 1996 as part of a management buy-out.

Prior to this, she held consulting roles within Ingersoll Engineers, Logica and AT & T Istel, gaining wide-ranging experience in areas such as:

  • dynamic simulation modelling of manufacturing facilities
  • business development
  • strategic marketing of finite scheduling software
  • manufacturing consultancy

She also lectured and managed external courses and teaching company programmes at the University of Warwick.

Industry Sector Improvement

Jacqueline's initial focus at AHC was in project management, particularly of large Government funded feasibility studies and benchmarking projects. This included managing 6 DTI-funded industry sector studies and industry sector research within Wales on behalf of the Welsh Development Agency. She also led a benchmarking / information gathering exercise on a fact finding mission to Japan for the UK metalforming sector.

As part of these projects, Jacqueline developed an assessment process for businesses based on the criteria for Business Excellence as established by the European Foundation for Quality Management. This was used to assess company and sector related trends and establish opportunities for developing sector based support services for the main Trade Associations within those industries.

Managing ERP Projects

Jacqueline now manages AHC's ERP system specification, selection and implementation projects. She has worked with clients in a range of industries including the automotive, aerospace, healthcare and not-for-profit sectors. These projects utlilise her skills in:

  • Reviewing and mapping business processes
  • Project management
  • Implementing change within businesses

Grenville Allman - DirectorGrenville Allman


Grenville joined his sister at AHC in 1997 and became a director of the company in 2002.

With a combined business and engineering degree, Grenville worked in business development in the UK and at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation in Stuttgart before joining AHC. During this time in Germany, he worked on projects using dynamic simulation to model warehousing, distribution, manufacturing and maintenance facilities.

Strategic Support for Membership Organisations

Grenville now has a particular focus on helping membership organisations in areas such as:

  • Membership strategy - facilitating management teams to develop effective strategic plans
  • Membership research - making effective use of research to drive business improvement
  • Membership development - improving retention and recruitment
  • Web technologies - making effective use of the Internet to deliver services
  • EFQM benchmarking - within several UK manafacturing sectors

Maximising IT Investments

Grenville also has a keen interest in supporting companies to make effective IT investement decisions. He has worked with clients in industries including, motorsport, banking, insurance, aerospace and professional services, in areas such as process analysis and the management of ERP specification and selection projects.

As part of this role, Grenville maintains regular contact with the leading ERP vendors to ensure we have a good understanding of the marketplace and are able to develop our methodologies based on both client and vendor feedback.