"Through the research conducted by AHC, we have been able to quickly identify areas of opportunity to grow."

Research that passes the "so what?" test!

Many companies approach research with trepidation and out of a sense of obligation to ask their customers / members for a satisfaction rating. They often do not identify any objectives for the research prior to commencing it - and thus do not obtain any useful insight from it.

Added Value Research

Our clients have confirmed that our strategic approach is different, adding significant value, beyond the normal scope of most research companies.

Our strategic consulting background provides us with the ideal skills to help organisations not only undertake the most effective research study but also to make the best use of the results of this survey and develop appropriate strategies from them.

We are able to use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to help you better understand the needs and expectations of your customers and the markets you operate in.

Our role is to establish the issues which are vital to your business or organisation and that means knowing the right questions to ask and the most effective means of asking them, which could be via:

  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Postal surveys
  • Group discussions
  • Online surveys

Obtain Strategic Insight

We create strategic insight to help you to develop the most appropriate products and services to maximise market opportunity and deliver a better and more profitable customer experience. We can help you achieve this through research into:

  • Existing customers, clients or members
  • Past or lapsed customers or members
  • Potential new customers or members
  • Your employees
  • Other stakeholders or relevant groups

Validated Findings

We often validate our findings through interactive workshops to debate high level strategy assertions we develop from the results. These workshops build depth to our initial analysis and enable you obtain buy-in to any actions or recommendations from the research.

Tangible Results

Our approach helps ensure that your research investment results in tangible improvements to your organisation, helping you to improve your customer offer and increase customer satisfaction by acting on their feedback.

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Chartered Management Institute

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