"I must confess to being very sceptical about the need for external facilitators...I am now pleased none of my colleagues agreed."

Strategic Facilitation

Strategic planning is fundamental to all businesses and will provide a basis against which all decisions can be made.

Our role is to dig into your business, challenge your thinking, and help you develop effective plans that will drive improvement and growth within your business.

Working with your senior management team, our enthusiastic facilitators are able to drive discussions in interactive workshops with your management team.

An Independent View

Our independence is vital -  it ensures we can be completely objective with no hidden agenda or pre-conceived ideas. It can also enable us to uncover issues that people within your organisation cannot see as they are too involved in the day-to-day operation of the business.

Develop a Workable Plan

We are not trying to "teach you to suck eggs" or "re-invent the wheel". Our role is to help you pull your thoughts and knowledge into a workable plan you can use, rather than one that sits gathering dust in a cupboard.

Measure Performance

Through the use of Balanced Scorecard principles and One Page Reports, we help you to implement a management system to enable you to measure performance against the plan.

As a result, everyone in the organisation will understand where you are heading and the importance of their own role in getting you there.

Mentoring and Support

We can then provide ongoing mentoring and support as you implement your plan, providing guidance and a "sounding board" for ideas and issues.

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Case Study

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Faciliation of strategy workshops with the board of the motorsport and engineering company. Read more...

Case Study

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Helping the Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association develop a strategic business plan and management system by facilitating a series of strategy workshops.